Dragos Matkovski

 Hi! I make digital worlds. 3D is my canvas, colors are my words.



Featured projects


The Illustrated Nature

The Illustrated Nature is a 3D environment made out of stylized vegetation models, shaders, image effects and scripts, created for those who want to tell a story in a colorful and painterly world.


Stylized Jungle

Stylized Jungle scene showcases the modularity and diversity of the 3d models I have created for beffio, one of the leading 3d assets provider on Unity Asset Store.

Coming soon.


NetApp VR

NetApp, Inc. is a hybrid cloud data services and data management company that with my help created an engaging VR experience to communicate their features to their clients.

Coming soon.


 What’s the story?

I am drawn by captivating experiences, where I can develop the visuals, build the worlds and help them express the story.

I am constantly thinking of new ways to interpret our reality, how can I make it clear, meaningful, intriguing and unique?

What I look for:

  • 3D stylized graphics

  • Visual development for VR and AR

  • Visual development for games and movies

  • VFX and motion graphics

  • Story driven projects.


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